Initial installation of the ENTERPRISE Variant
Initial installation of the ENTERPRISE Variant
As is the case with every client-server architecture, administrative knowledge is required in order to install the necessary backend components.
Minimum technical requirements must be fulfilled in order to operate one’s own server.
Further information is included in our installation checklist which we can make available to you upon request.
Further software components from Microsoft are also required, for example a server with MS Server operating system. This includes MS IIS, which must be administrated for IZYTRONIQ.
Installation of the required MS SQL database also necessitates appropriate technical knowledge.
Additional license costs are incurred depending on the selected performance level of the MS SQL database.
In order to assure GDPR-compliant, secure communication between the server and the client, the data must be encrypted for transmission. A certificate is required to this end. Detailed information concerning this certificate can be found in the corresponding passages of the respective sections.
Our industry support department would be happy to help you with installation of your IZYTRONIQ backend within the framework of a service package.
IZYTRONIQ Enterprise can be downloaded from
After downloading the files (IZYTRONIQ.Setup.exe and, they have to be saved to a directory on the server intended for this purpose.
Important Note
Due to the fact that the Client and Backend versions are mutually dependent on each other, we always recommend running both downloads (Backend and Client), one immediately after the other, from the above referenced website.
Otherwise it’s not possible to rule out possible incompatibilities between Backend and Client after installation has been completed.