Initial installation of the ENTERPRISE Variant : Installation Prerequisites for IZYTRONIQ BACKEND
Installation Prerequisites for IZYTRONIQ BACKEND
Windows Server 2016 or higher is recommended for installation.
The network infrastructure is dealt with in detail in the following sections, for example settings and features are described which are required for operation of the backend.
The following attributes must be activated:
Windows Server 2016 or later
MS SQL Server for the database
(mixed mode authentication is recommended in the case of an MS SQL Express installation)
MS SQL Management Studio
Activated IIS with the corresponding features
Common HTTP features
– All except for WebDAV Publishing
Health and diagnostics
– HTTP logging
– Request monitor
– Static content compression)
– Request filtering
– Basic authentication
The following features must be activated:
Application development
– .NET Extensibility 4.6
– ASP.NET 4.6
– ISAPI Extensions
– ISAPI filters
Management tools
– IIS management console
– IIS 6 management compatibility
– Complete
.NET Framework 4.6 features
– WCF services
– HTTP activation