Initial installation of the ENTERPRISE Variant : Installing IZYTRONIQ Backend
Installing IZYTRONIQ Backend
The backend includes 4 installation packages, all of which have to be installed to the same server, even if the database will run on a separate server:
Application server
Synchronization service
License activation tool
Installation must be started by means of a command prompt with administrative rights. The .msi files have to be executed with the “msiexec /i” command.
In the case of a standard installation, the default values listed below are always used – even if they’re not explicitly specified. The parameters can be optionally edited in the case of a non-standard installation.
Two databases are installed to an MS SQL server provided by the customer while IZYTRONIQ Enterprise Backend is being installed. User accounts must be provided which include corresponding rights for installation and operation of IZYTRONIQ Enterprise, in particular with rights for accessing the MS SQL server.