Initial installation of the ENTERPRISE Variant : Installing the Frontend (client) for IZYTRONIQ Enterprise
Installing the Frontend (client) for IZYTRONIQ Enterprise
IZYTRONIQ can be installed to the PC as a client. The “Network Version (Client)” option must be selected in response to the following prompt: Standalone, Network Version (Client) or Cloud Operation.
A functioning IZYTRONIQ ENTERPRISE Backend is required to this end, whose URL is entered during the next step in accordance with the certificate path (address to which the certificate is issued).
Example of a typical, complete entry:
https://<certificate path>/IZYTRON.IQ/
The floating license is distributed by the server (ENTERPRISE Premium) and can be expanded to include offline functionality (ENTERPRISE Ultimate), whose license code can be entered exclusively to the client’s own “Settings” menu after the client has been started.
The license activation tool for the backend may not be used to activate an IZYTRONIQ Enterprise Ultimate license!
We recommend starting the application directly after installation of the client in order to set up an administrative user.
After installation, you have the option of either starting the program directly or closing the installer.