Licensing : Licensing ENTERPRISE Premium
Licensing ENTERPRISE Premium
To license your IZYTRONIQ , go to and enter the registration code you received when purchasing the product, together with your address data and your email address. Your license key will be sent to the email address you provided without delay. The license key must be entered on the server. A connection is then established with the license server for the purpose of authentication. This means that the license can only be used with this particular hardware.
IZYTRONIQ ENTERPRISE Premium acts as the client server system and provides a network structure within this system. This structure consists of a central database server as the server component and several workstation computers as client components.
The respective administrator must install the server manually. For this purpose, the administrator will receive the installation instructions (best practice document) describing how the MS SQL server should be configured for IZYTRONIQ. Separate license keys are not needed for the clients in ENTERPRISE Premium. Instead you will require the necessary number of floating licenses on the server. In addition to installing the server, you will have to install the client on each workstation computer. The database path for the server must be specified during installation on the client. You may install an infinite number of license-free clients, but please take note that simultaneous use will never exceed the number of floating licenses you have purchased.
In the unlikely event that you are unable to license and authenticate the software by a one-time connection with the Internet, the licensing procedure can also be completed without an Internet connection. To do this, you will have to contact employees at GOSSEN METRAWATT directly. Our friendly team is available to assist you on telephone: +49 911 8602-0.