Licensing : Licensing ENTERPRISE Ultimate
Licensing ENTERPRISE Ultimate
The IZYTRONIQ ENTERPRISE Ultimate licenses can only be used in combination with at least one ENTERPRISE Premium floating license. To purchase a ENTERPRISE Ultimate license, you require a ENTERPRISE Premium license.
Each ENTERPRISE Ultimate must be licensed after installation on the mobile device (tablet, notebook).
To license your IZYTRONIQ , go to and enter the registration code you received when purchasing the product, together with your address data and your email address. Your license key will be sent to the email address you provided without delay. You must enter this license key the first time you start IZYTRONIQ. A connection is then established with the license server for the purpose of authentication. Your hardware (MAC address of your computer) is coupled to the license key during this process. This means that the license can only be used with this particular hardware. Should you wish to use the license on different hardware, it is first necessary to uninstall IZYTRONIQ on its current hardware. During this process, the license will be de-authenticated and released for use with other hardware (new computer).