Login / Logout
Login / Logout
Initial login
The first necessary step is to create a user if users have not yet been set up for the database (initial login to IZYTRONIQ). The login screen has a heading “Create User” for this purpose.
The required information is the first and last name of the user, a personal username and a password (must be repeated). The user is assigned the role “Admin”.
Subsequent login
Users can only access the software if they are registered in the IZYTRONIQ user management with a password.
When the software is launched after the first time, it will open a login screen to enter the user name and password.
Switching users
It is also possible to use the button in the status bar to switch users while the application is open.
Stay Connected
If you wish to remain logged in to this program at your PC, click on the entry field behind „STAY CONNECTED“ in the login window.
When restarting the program, it will then open directly without a login window appearing. You can undo this selection by opening the „PERSONAL SETTINGS“ menu and by removing the check mark behind parameter „STAY CONNECTED“, see “Personal settings”.
Log out – close
The application has several options to close IZYTRONIQ:
1. Close the IZYTRONIQ application by selecting the Close Window function in the status bar.
2. Use the symbol in the status bar:
After clicking on the symbol, you must respond to the confirmation prompt with “Yes”. Then you will see the login screen. Select “ABORT” in this case. You close IZYTRONIQ by responding to the confirmation prompt with “Yes”.