Home screen : Dashboard
The dashboard function is integrated in the home screen from BUSINESS Professional.
The IZYTRONIQ dashboard is an analysis tool within the home screen that assists users in more complex requirements in terms of statistics and analyses, while still providing a shortcut to the various main modules.
It enables the systematic evaluation of all tests, calibrations and deadlines and therefore ensures the necessary transparency within your company as the foundation for your continuous process of improvement.
From version ENTERPRISE Premium, the system has the option of blocking or restricting access to the main modules by means of user roles and rights.
Dashboard functions
Important data from several modules is also shown.
Deadline monitoring (overdue devices, devices to be tested on short notice, devices to be tested soon, and devices outside the escalation levels) for portable, stationary and test devices [from BUSINESS Professional]
Connected devices for test device management
User data of the registered user for user management
Users access the matching module segments by clicking on these areas.