Main modules : Module for stationary objects : Function “Input, change, list” : Detailed view:
Detailed view:
The most important parameters for the object marked in the tree view (customer, device, machine, distributor, electric circuit, RCD, RMD, IMD, equipment, equipotential bonding rail, equipotential bonding conductor, ground connector, measurement point and location) are managed in the detailed view of stationary devices. The objects cannot be created or deleted here.
Important data such as the object ID, object designation and parameters for the individual objects can be created and edited in the index cards. It is also possible to attach documents such as images, certificates and operating instructions.
When the input fields are clicked on, content can be added by entering text or making selections from a drop-down menu. Newly created objects in the electric tree are marked with a “+”, and edited objects with a “*”, until the changes have been saved.
IZYTRONIQ does not define a limit for the number of characters in the respective data fields, but the connected test devices themselves may limit the number of characters. Please check the technical parameters of the test device. A restriction of transferable data fields may apply, depending on the connected test device. Please check the technical parameters of the test device.
Compulsory fields
Some fields in the input screens are compulsory.
Compulsory fields that are left blank are marked with the following symbol: .
As a result, the object cannot be saved.
The tab names and all associated displays are shown in red writing until the corresponding compulsory fields have been completed.