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Sequences function
Sequences can be assigned to each electric test object. A sequence consists of individual test steps in a certain order. The use of test sequences is advisable if a set of freely programmed test steps will be performed one after the other.
Visual inspections, instructions, checks and individual measurements can be grouped to create automatic test sequences.
The sequences are specific to a test device and are saved to a sequence pool. They are transferred to the matching test device when needed.
A distinction is always made between the following types of sequence:
Test device sequences
These are test sequences that were created for a specific test device type, e.g. PROFITEST or SECUTEST.
Test device sequences are easy to program in the sequence editor and can be transferred to the test device later on.
IZY sequences
The sequences can only be executed in the IZYTRONIQ. They may contain test steps from device sequences, but also come with many other functions. For instance, manual measurement input, push/print tests, remote measurements, instructions and visual inspections can be integrated as well. Helpful images can also be saved for each test, which are then shown to the user step-by-step during the test. Sequences that have already been programmed can be used to cascade an IZY sequence; additionally, measurement steps for various test devices can also be programmed within one sequence. When a measurement step is programmed for a remote test, it then controls the matching test device, whereby the test device merely transfers the measured data. Display and control are managed in the IZYTRONIQ.
Factory sequences
These are assigned test sequences whose process and parameters cannot be changed and that are configured as factory settings. GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH can make the sequences available as test device sequences and as IZY sequences.