Main modules : Module for stationary objects : Sequences function : Structure and operation of sequence management
Structure and operation of sequence management
The overview/index card for sequence management is divided into two parts, namely the list and detailed view.
List view
The upper window shows the list of sequences in the sequence pool (in the sequence storage).
Detailed view
The lower window shows the individual test steps for the sequence marked in the upper window.
Sequence view: (1) List view, (2) Detailed view
The respective view has a green border, and the active part of the view is marked by a bold green bar in the top left part of the view.
The toolbar only shows the symbols that are valid and can be activated for the selected view.
Toolbar functions in the list view
Save changes
Cancel editing
Add new sequences: The sequence editor is launched (refer to “Sequence editor”).
This enables the creation of a new sequence, which is added to the sequence pool (sequence storage).
Edit sequence:
The marked sequence can be edited in the sequence editor.
Duplicate sequence:
This command copies the marked sequence. The name of the sequence is adopted, with the suffix “Copy”.
Delete sequence:
This deletes the sequence. If the sequence has already been assigned to one or several objects, all assignments must be deleted before the sequence is deleted.
Manage attachments (add, display and delete a file/photo)
This index card is a list, so it is subject to the functions of the list view. The list symbols are also enabled in the toolbar; refer to “Lists”.