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The conflict manager
Where there are conflicts during import that prevent transfer of the objects, these objects are not simply discarded. Instead, an attempt is made to resolve these conflicts manually. To do this, the relevant objects are copied to a separate folder/table. At the same time, a warning symbol is shown in the status bar and the entries are marked in red.
Conflicts are edited here. There is a description for each conflict. The details for the conflict objects are shown (1) by selecting the detail symbol (+).
Users are shown possible methods to resolve the conflict by clicking several times on the handshake symbol (2): Ignore, merge or new. These depend on the specific conflict. Alternatively, users can click on the column “Resolution” to open a pull-down menu with a selection of possible solutions.
The red marking is hidden when a method is selected. The conflict is resolved by saving the changes. The resolved entry is then no longer shown in the conflict manager, and the corresponding object is integrated in the main database. The conflict manager is closed once all conflicts in the list have been resolved.
Resolution options
Data import will be ignored.
Update with source ID (of the imported object).
All data stored in IZYTRONIQ for this object will be overwritten.
Update with target ID (of the existing object)
All data stored in IZYTRONIQ for this object will be overwritten, apart from the ID.
The object’s master data will be synchronized.
The object will be imported and a new ID will be issued.
Functions of the toolbar
Resolution of the conflict
Selection of the solution method
This index card is a list, so it is subject to the functions of the list view. The list symbols are also enabled in the toolbar; refer to “Lists”.