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Test templates function
The report templates are used to document, e.g. tests or as acceptance or handover records, among other things. They use variable data from the selected measurements, combined with object-related data (e.g. customer data). Report templates either comply with statutory requirements or standards, or have been, i.e. are prepared to standardize documentation. IZYTRONIQ contains factory-configured, standard records that can neither be edited nor deleted.
You can create new templates or copy and edit existing templates.
From version BUSINESS Advanced and above, a company logo or a scanned signature can be integrated in the report templates. They are stored in setup under global or personal settings; refer to “Global settings” and “Personal settings”.
Custom templates are created in MS Word, and placeholders can be used to arrange the test data in any way.
You will find records management for stationary objects under “REPORT TEMPLATES” in the “STATIONARY OBJECTS” menu.
Selection list of report templates
All available report templates are shown in record management.
If users wish to print out a test record, the report templates associated with the respective object type (device, medical device) are shown.
A record must be created in advance using MS Word in order to add a new record. New records are included in the list using the button “ADD REPORT TEMPLATE”. Clicking on this symbol opens a system-specific menu to open Word documents. Users then select their chosen report template and confirm the choice to add a new entry in the management table. To save the new report template, users must select the device type for which the report template will apply and then add the name of the report template.
Functions of the toolbar
Save changes
Cancel editing
Save report template as an MS Word file
Open the report template as an MS Word file
Add a new report template
Duplicate the report template:
This command copies the marked report template. The name of the report template is adopted, with the suffix “Copy”.
Delete the report template:
This deletes the sequence. If the sequence has already been assigned to one or several objects, all assignments must be deleted before the sequence is deleted.
This index card is a list, so it is subject to the functions of the list view. The list symbols are also enabled in the toolbar; refer to “Lists”.