Main modules : Recycle bin
Recycle bin
Data/objects that are deleted in the IZYTRONIQ are moved to the recycle bin. This means that the data is not irretrievably erased and can be restored. To do this, users open the recycle bin, mark the data they wish to restore and then press the button “Restore”.
Take note that subordinate elements and dependencies are also deleted.
Only the main object is shown here if data with subordinate elements is deleted.
The recycle bin view is divided into two parts, namely the list and detailed view.
List view
The deleted data/objects are shown as a list in the top section.
Detailed view
The details for marked elements are displayed in the bottom section.
Functions of the toolbar
Restore: selected objects are restored
Delete: selected objects are deleted
Empty recycle bin: all elements in the recycle bin are irretrievably erased
This index card is a list, so it is subject to the functions of the list view. The list symbols are also enabled in the toolbar; refer to “Lists”. These functions apply only to the list view.