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Global settings
All settings that apply globally to all users are found here.
Show test deadlines/
calibration deadlines
Periods/colors for deadlines:
Default values:
Red: Deadline exceeded
Orange: Deadline exceeded in xx days
Yellow: Deadline exceeded in yy days
File management
The default path for file attachments is the same path as in the database.
The installation for ENTERPRISE and higher differs from BUSINESS; refer to “Initial installation of the ENTERPRISE Variant.
From BUSINESS Advanced: In this case, the pre-settings can be selected to define the file format (.pdf, .doc or .docx) in which selected data in the print menu (Save as) will be saved; refer also to “Print”.
Create objects
This section is used to define how the object IDs are created in the tree structure.
A proprietary logic can be created for each object type – selectable using the pull-down menu.
The format and increment of the object IDs must be selected to define the composition of the object name. For object IDs, the name of the object type is added as a prefix (start of the object name in the field to the left of [ID]) or as a suffix (end of the object name in the field to the right of [ID]). The prefix or suffix are freely selectable. The result of the presetting is shown simultaneously as an example for an object ID. In addition, the number of digits in the ID number and number of digits in the ID increment must also be stated.
Conflict pool
Colors for the display in conflict manager, depending on the number of entries:
Factory settings:
– Green: up to 10 entries
– Yellow: more than 10 and up to 100 entries (limits are set automatically)
– Red: equal to or more than 100 entries
Report templates
The following details and attachments are accepted for all test records:
Contractor: The address of the relevant contractor with name, street, postal code, town/city and country (pull-down menu) are added here.
Logo: The logo for all future test records is integrated using the button “SELECT” (available from BUSINESS Advanced). Selecting “SELECT” opens an Explorer window with suggested image formats (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp), in which you can search for a user-defined logo file.
Video „Exchange of logo and company adress“
Automatic search for updates:
Here, users can define whether IZYTRONIQ should search automatically for updates at each start.
Search for updates:
This button is used to trigger a manual search for available updates.
default settings
All global settings are restored to the default values.
The additional permission “System settings” is required to restore default values.
Functions of the toolbar
Save changes
Cancel editing