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This shows the current license and provides the opportunity to purchase an upgrade.
Current license
The currently active license is shown here.
Activate – Upgrade license online
This requires an Internet connection. Enter the license key and then select the button “ACTIVATE”. A connection is then established with the license server for the purpose of authentication. Your hardware (MAC address of your computer) is coupled to the license key during this process. The permissions are activated if the license key is correct. Refer also to “Licensing”.
Create upgrade activation file
An activation file can be used to upgrade IZYTRONIQ if an Internet connection is not available. To do this, select the button “CREATE UPGRADE ACTIVATION FILE”. Save the license file (License.lic) and follow the instructions provided here.

Kindly contact our product support in regard to the activation file.

GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH
Product support hotline
Telephone +49 911 8602-0
Fax: +49 911 8602-709
Activate update license with update file
Once you have received the authenticated activation file back from our support, you activate the license using the button “Activate update license with update file”.