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Database (description for Business versions)
The internal database can be backed up here, or a previous version can be restored.
Backup database
The internal database is backed up, and a backup date and time are added.
The default path for file attachments is the same path as in the database.
The backed up database is saved at the specified storage location, and the backup date is added to the file name.
The current date is automatically added as the backup date and cannot be changed.
Restore database
Users can restore the internal database to an earlier state by selecting the relevant database in the list of backups and by subsequently clicking on „Restore“. The application is then restarted after a confirmation prompt.
Take note: Make sure you backup the current database before selecting a new backup (refer to “Backup database”).
Update of previous database versions
If you wish to restore a database which has been stored under a previous version of IZYTRONIQ, this database must be migrated to the current version of IZYTRONIQ. During the restart of IZYTRONIQ, an update is performed upon request. Confirm this command prompt with „yes“.
Upgrade of Database Version from BUSINESS to ENTERPRISE
Perform an update to the current BUSINESS version first. Update your database as described in section „Udate of previous database versions“ and perform a database backup as described in section „Backup database“. Perform an upgrade to the ENTERPRISE version afterwards.
Now you can import the database as follows:
1. Select the main module „Portable objects“ or „Stationery objects“.
2. Select the „Import“ function.
3. Select „FROM FILE“.
4. Activate „SELECT“.
5. Set the file format to „Backup files“ (*.zip)“ in the opening window.
6. Select the database (*.zip) which has been saved before.
7. Select „Open“.
8. Activate selection „IMPORT“ in the „IMPORT“ window.