PUSH/PRINT : Conducting a push/print test
Conducting a push/print test
A push/print tests can only be conducted with a test device that is push/print-capable. A push/print measurement cannot be selected if the test device does not have this function.
In order to conduct a push/print test, the test device and IZYTRONIQ must be set to push/print mode. This is completed by creating a new push/print test in the index card for tests, which is found in the detailed view for the selected test object.
As soon as the button “ADD” is selected, IZYTRONIQ all connected push/print-capable test devices are in the operating mode push/print. This opens a two-part push/print window and the IZYTRONIQ is ready to receive. The master data for the push/print test is located in the upper section, where the name of the test must be added. The measured data transfer is shown in the lower section once the measurement is complete.
From then on, measurements can be sent to the selected test object in the IZYTRONIQ at the push of a button on any device that is in push/print mode.
Once the respective measurement is complete, the display shows a push/print symbol instead of the save symbol. Measured data is not saved on the test device in this operating mode and is instead transferred to the IZYTRONIQ by pressing the correct button (depending on the test device). This data is then shown as a table in the lower window. Users must select to back up the transferred datasets once all push/print measurements are complete. This deactivates push/print mode. At the same time, all test steps are compiled as one push/print test and then shown in the index card “Tests”. The individual measurements can be shown using the button in the toolbar or by double-clicking on the push/print test. You can select to return to the test view from the individual measurement view.
Push/print mode is deactivated by:
Saving the measured data transferred by selecting
Cancelling the push/print measurement by selecting
Functions of the toolbar
Save changes
Cancel editing
Manage attachments (add, display and delete a file/photo)
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