Sequence editor
Sequence editor
The sequence editor is used to program individual test sequences. A test sequence consists of one or several test steps. In principle, the sequence editor can be used to create different types of test sequences.
Some test devices allow import of the sequences created in the sequence editor (PROFITEST, SECUTEST). Other test devices support computer-assisted remote testing (SECUTEST, SECULIFE). Alternatively, entirely computer-based sequences can be programmed that do not require a separate test device (testing conductors, fire extinguishers ...). The range of functions available in the connected test device is imported when the sequence editor’s editing function starts.
Each test device has its own specific test steps. Therefore, the test device must be connected to the PC in order to create a test sequence.
If the user wishes to create an IZY sequence (see below), it is only necessary to connect a test device if device-specific test steps will be included in the IZY sequence. In this case, executing the sequences will require the use of these test devices. The IZY sequence only provides the sequence editor with the sequence steps that it requires.
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