Sequence editor : Sequence types
Sequence types
Test device sequences
These are test sequences that are created for a specific type of test device and that will only run on these devices, or alternatively remote controlled by IZYTRONIQ. Here, a distinction is made according to:
Variable device sequences: The sequences can be created using the sequence editor, then modified and transferred to a suitable test device.
Factory sequences: These are pre-set test sequences whose process and parameters cannot be changed and that are configured as factory settings. However, the sequences can be duplicated and then saved and edited as variable device sequences.
The IZYTRONIQ can transfer variable device sequences and factory sequences to suitable test devices.
IZY sequence
The restricted scope of functions for test device sequences can be combined with many other test steps within an IZY sequence. Besides the device-specific functions, the following IZY sequence test steps are then available to users.
Manual input
Visual inspection
Test instruction
IZY sequences can only be executed in the IZYTRONIQ. They may contain steps from device sequences and will then control the test device in remote mode, whereby the test device only provides the measured values. Display and control are managed via the IZYTRONIQ. This means that a help image can be added to each test step.