Automatic process control for a test – remote function : Processes with remote steps
Processes with remote steps
Some test devices have a remote control function. This is used by IZYTRONIQ to send the test device a control command that then executes the selected measurement.
The test device is connected with the PC by USB or Bluetooth interface.
The test device is shown in the dashboard under “TEST DEVICE MANAGEMENT”.
The test device must support the remote function (e.g. test devices SECUTEST, SECULIFE).
A CPU operating at full capacity may cause data loss if measured values are transmitted simultaneously (polling). A worst case, that is possibly relevant, may not be recorded as a consequence, which, in turn, may lead to a wrong test result. Any programs which are running in the background and stressing the CPU excessively should therefore be deactivated during remote operation if possible.
Only start the measurements at your test instrument if you have visual contact with the DUT and the test instrument. Do not apply line voltage to the test socket of your SECUTEST or SECULIFE test instrument unless the surroundings are protected.