Editing report templates : Basic functionality
Basic functionality
To create test reports,IZYTRONIQ uses the Mail Merge feature by MICROSOFT® WORD. In this regard, template management has a data structure that is prepared by IZYTRONIQ and transferred to the Word document, regardless of the object type. So-called merge fields can be used to position the values from the transferred objects in the template for downstream use. To do this, users press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F9 to create a new field, then right click on the field and select “Edit field” to make the necessary changes.
The field type “Merge field” is then set in the subsequent dialog box, and the name of the field is added on the right. The data structure provided by IZYTRONIQ prescribes which field names can be use.
This data structure consists of several objects. The area in which the object values can be used is delimited by two merge fields. They are called “TableStart: object name” and “TableEnd: object name” and are no longer visible when the document is completed.
The following subsection describes the precise object structure and the available fields.
Given the extensive data structure, it is advisable to use the available standard templates as a starting point for customization or at least to review functioning examples.