SECUTEST/SECULIFE ST – first steps : Data export to the test device
Data export to the test device
The export function is used to transfer data to a test device or a file. The function is found under “EXPORT” in the menu “PORTABLE OBJECTS” . Selecting this function opens the export assistant.
The export assistant asks whether the data should be exported to a connected test device or an XML or CSV file.
TO THE TEST DEVICE: here you can choose between connected devices.
You can select OBJECTS and/or SEQUENCES.
TO AN XML/CSV FILE: Touch the field “SAVE AS” to select the file in which you wish to save the data.
Take note!
Export deletes all data on the connected test device. You are therefore shown a warning before export.
Selecting EXPORT starts the EXPORT FILTER.
Export filter
The export filter consists of two filter menus:
When more than one filter menu is selected, the user switches between the views using the buttons “NEXT”, i.e. “BACK”. By selecting the “EXPORT” button in the toolbar, the selected data and the corresponding customers and locations are transferred to the connected test device. The current operation is shown during export. Users are shown a message once all data has been transferred successfully.