SECUTEST/SECULIFE ST – first steps : Test documentation – creating test reports
Test documentation – creating test reports
Existing tests can be printed out and saved as a PDF file for documentation purposes. The display and content of documentation is based on the selected template, which can be managed in the IZYTRONIQ. There are defined report templates in the default setting. Users can also create their own templates.
To create test reports for the SECUTEST... / SECULIFE...., navigate to the menu “PORTABLE OBJECTS” and select the function “INPUT/CHANGE/LIST”. Then it is necessary to select the test object/s for which a test report should be created. To do this, either select a parent object like a customer or a location in the tree view in order to receive a list of test objects; alternatively, you can select a test object directly. Next, navigate to the master data detailed view if you have selected an individual test object, or go to the master data list view if you have selected a parent object. In these two views, users can select the command “Report” in the toolbar in order to generate the test reports. The following pop-up is shown:
For the description, refer to “Creating a test report”.