PROFITEST – first steps : Data export to the test device
Data export to the test device
In order to manage bidirectional data exchange, test devices in the PROFITEST series support the exchange of tree structures, catalogs and sequences. These three export categories can be transferred separately or together. This description of the “PROFITEST First Steps” only deals with simplified data export of the tree structure.
If the electric tree of a facility or machine exists in the IZYTRONIQ, it can also be exported to the connected test device or to a file.
To do this, navigate to the menu “STATIONARY OBJECTS” and select the function “EXPORT”.
This opens an export assistant in which you can define whether export should take place to a file (select folder and specify file name) or to a test device, and whether the corresponding catalogs and/or sequences should be exported as well.
Once all options are defined, the user selects “EXPORT” to start exporting the object selection.
This opens a window with two parts. The upper half contains the two tree views, while the lower half shows a list of objects selected in the tree view. Both windows can be used to select the objects for export. Activating the checkboxes in front of the elements in the tree views is used to make a preselection based on customers and locations. To do this, you can select the objects in the electric tree that you wish to transfer, which you then restrict through your selection of locations in the location tree.
Take note!
All object data in the test device is deleted if the data is transferred to a test device.
Take note!
There must be no active measurement on the test device when you start data export.