METRAHIT – first steps : Push/Print – first steps
Push/Print – first steps
The Push/Print function is a convenient way of sending test results directly to the IZYTRONIQ database by pressing a button on the test device. The measurement results are placed in the index card for tests under the selected test object and can be saved there.
The following conditions must be satisfied:
The test device is connected with the PC by USB or Bluetooth interface.
The test device is shown in the dashboard under “TEST DEVICE MANAGEMENT”.
The test device must support the function push/print.
Select portable or stationary objects.
Select the menu “INPUT, LIST, CHANGE”
Select the relevant test object in the tree view.
Select the index card for tests in the tree view.
Select the symbol for “ADD TEST” in the toolbar.
This opens the drop-down menu “ADD TEST”:
Here, select Push/Print and then ADD.
This opens a two-part window “NEW TEST PUSH/PRINT” and the IZYTRONIQ is ready to receive.
Conduct the measurement on the test device.
Once the measurement is complete, the test device shows a push/print symbol instead of the save symbol.
Press the push/print key and the measured data will be transferred to the IZYTRONIQ.
Once the measurements are complete, add a test name in the upper section of the push/print window.
Select the save symbol in the toolbar.
This closes the list, and the program skips back to the index card “TESTS” in the detailed view for the test object.
The data is now grouped in the push/print container.
To see the individual measurements, double-click on the container or use the button in the toolbar. Select to return to the container view.