NEXONIQ : Setup of User Interface
Setup of User Interface
After selecting a field by mouse click, it is highlighted with a green background.
The user language for NEXONIQ can be changed in the „SETTINGS“ menu under menu item „LANGUAGE“.
„SAVE PATH“ enables you to define the target directory.
„SETTINGS RESTORE“ changes the target directory to the original directory (....\Documents\NEXON data files).
„LOG FILES“ enables you to define the target directory of the log files.
„ABOUT INFO“ provides information on the software version and the dongle status.
By clicking on the symbol you are redirected to the start screen.
Online Help
Start the online help in the browser by clicking on icon „?“.
In addition, users have the option of accessing the online help on the landing page, which they open in their browser at:
The main topics are shown in the left-hand column (TOC (table of content)). The selected main topic is marked in green. A cursor arrow indicates if there are any subtopics. The subtopics are shown automatically when this arrow is selected. Selecting the cursor arrow again hides the subtopics.
The content for the selected topic is shown on the right-hand side.
Significance of the elements in the header
Selecting this symbol shows or hides the left-hand column.
This is used to filter online help according to selected keywords.
The content on the right-hand side can be printed.
Scroll: Users can scroll up or down in the left-hand column (TOC).