NEXONIQ : Importing the converted files into IZYTRONIQ
Importing the converted files into IZYTRONIQ
Before importing the requested XML file into IZYTRONIQ, please indicate whether they are „Portable objects“ (e. g. tests with SECUTEST) or „Stationary objects“ (e. g. tests with PROFITEST).
Click on the „Import“ icon.
Select item „FROM FILE“ and click on menu item „SELECT“.
The generated XML file can now be selected.
It may be necessary to choose the correct file format (*.xml)
Click on IMPORT now.
The data from the NEXONIQ file are now imported into the IZYTRONIQ database with the import function.
The function can be found under “IMPORT” in the “PORTABLE OBJECTS” or “STATIONARY OBJECTS” menu. Selecting this function opens the import assistant.
A message is shown confirming successful import and any transmission errors.
The conflict manager is activated when there are conflicts between existing and imported data that cannot be resolved automatically.
For further information please refer to the IZYTRONIQ online help.