VIDEOS – Tutorial
VIDEOS – Tutorial
This tutorial is intended to provide the user with video instructions making it possible to gather experience concerning various topics relatively quickly.
Move the mouse pointer into the video screen area and click the right mouse key in order to open the video menu (see adjacent figure). The menu provides you with options for reducing video playback speed and muting the background music.
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Main Chapters
““Sequence editor”Function “Input, change, list” – Portable Objects”
“Structure of the index cards – portable objects”
“File import – portable objects”
“Conflict manager – portable objects”
“Function “Input, change, list” – stationary objects”
“Structure of the index cards – stationary objects”
“Management and creation of test instruments”
“User management – BUSINESS Version except Premium variant”
“Global settings”
“Generation of test report”
“Sequence editor”
“Editing report templates”